US support to reach out children with disabilities

February 09, 2018 00:00:00

US government has collaborated with the Ministry of Primary and Mass Education of Bangladesh to develop a new early grade reading programme worth over Tk 4.0 billion aiming at reaching to children with disabilities, reports UNB.

US Ambassador Marcia Stephens Bloom Bernicat on Thursday stated this in a written message while commending a workshop titled “Autism Spectrum Disorders: Improving Children’s Ability to Talk and Mix with Peers” organised by icddr,b’s Technical Training Unit in partnership with the Foundation for Advancement of Innovations in Technology and Health, Bangladesh (Faith Bangladesh), said a press release.

In her message she highlighted that it is important to fight the stigma associated with all Neurodevelopmental Disorders, or NDDs.

Such stigma prevents people from seeking help to prevent or mitigate the effects of autism and other NDDs. Sadly, stigma also robs families and communities of the ability to see and enjoy the talents and love of that child, she added.

Marcia said schools play a very important role in helping those with NDDs learn critical life skills, and also help these children learn and demonstrate respect, kindness, friendship and support.

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