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Foundation for Advancement of Innovations in Technology and Health, Bangladesh (faith Bangladesh) is a not-for-profit organization based in Bangladesh. Since its inception in 2013, it has been working with people living in resource-limited communities and in areas of unmet needs relating to health and technology. faith Bangladesh conducts its activities under the legal obligation from the Societies Registration Act, 1860 (S-12197/2015) and Social Welfare Organization Registration and Control Act, 1961 (Dha-09491) of the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

The main activities of faith Bangladesh fall under 4 areas.

  1. Health research:
    faith Bangladesh conducts its health research-related activities through different research project mainly concentrated on primary health care, non-communicable diseases and universal health care. To smoothly conduct high-quality health research, it has established 3 centres.

a. Center for Universal Health Coverage: Through research, advocacy, networking and partnership, and capacity building, to redress inequities in health and promote universal health coverage (UHC) in Bangladesh, faith Bangladesh has established the Center for UHC. Its focus is on health economics, health system management and their implications in establishing UHC. We work with public, private and NGO sectors for
cooperation to optimize impact while fostering equity and innovation in health system research. Alongside working with a group of advisors from academia, civil society, and the public and private sectors we explore
several critical dimensions of the move towards universal health coverage including the key governance challenges at the interface of the health economy, health system management and the drive towards achieving UHC. We contribute to expanding UHC by generating essential evidence and guide the policies and programs to implement reforms for attaining UHC goal, and facilitate effective monitoring and evaluation. faith Bangladesh is dedicated to conducting advocacy and dialogue among multi-disciplinary stakeholders, and training activities to promote UHC in Bangladesh.

b. Centre for Non-Communicable Diseases Research: Centre for Non-Communicable Diseases Research (NCD) under the has been established to take a comprehensive approach to reduce the risks associated with NCDs as well as promote the interventions to prevent and control them. It is helping to create healthy public policies that promote NCDs prevention and reorient health systems to address the needs of people with such diseases. Drawing on the wide range of expertise the Centre has established a truly collaborative (local, regional and global) initiative for research, prevention and control of NCDs. The Centre is fostering collaboration and communication between NCDs researchers, across a range of settings and disciplines, both within and outside of the Bangladesh.

c. Centre for Systematic Review: The focus of centre for Systematic Review includes a wide range of health care topics including non-communicable diseases and mental health, using objective, systematic, transparent and replicable methods. Our review team that manages and conducts the review have a range of skills including the expertise in systematic review methods, information retrieval, the relevant topic area, statistics, health economics and/or qualitative research methods where appropriate. In addition to the team who undertake the review, there is a number of individuals (advisory group) who are consulted at various stages, including health care professionals, and experts in research methods.

  1. Education and training: We offer education and training services to build capacity of human resources for health (HRH) in Bangladesh and beyond. We prioritize, organize, conduct and evaluate trainings for individuals and groups including students and professionals working in health and related fields. faith Bangladesh provides mentoring and administrative support to national and international students to assist them gaining practical field experience. We offer students to work with our experts and also extend support to work with collaborative organizations. Mention could be made that faith Bangladesh is one of the international sites of Brown University, USA for its students’ field experience under Minority Health and Health Disparities International Research Training (MHIRT) Program.
  1. Health-related services: In addition to different charitable services, faith Bangladesh provide quality care and services to the children with autism spectrum diseases under its initiative of “Assistance for Social Integration of children with autism (ASICA)
  1. Innovative technology advancement: faith Bangladesh helps advancing proven innovative technologies, be it in our services, training or research. We explore, adopt and advance innovative ideas, techniques, and models in these areas. For example, faith Bangladesh has introduced “Online Portal System” for special child care in Bangladesh.

faith Bangladesh’s initiative has been collaborated globally through multiple projects and initiatives. Our collaborators include Directorate General of Health Service (DGHS) of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of Government of Bangladesh, icddr,b, Brown University, Orbis, SOCH, Public Health Foundation of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Primary Care Respiratory Society etc. Different organizations including UN bodies e.g. UNICEF, ILO funded faith Bangladesh’s research projects.

  • 1.1.2 Organization mission statement
     Vision: A planet where people living in resource-poor communities can enjoy
    advancement of innovations for improving their health and well-being.

Mission: To work in and with resource-poor communities for better health, livelihood and
development through collaboration with stakeholders and partners having similar vision,
and strive for creativity to advance innovations and sustainable solutions from affordable
and appropriate technology.

 Values: It is guided by three core values:

o Integrity – a responsible and accountable organization, committed to the highest
standards of manners;
o Creativity – driven by creative thoughts in every aspect of organization;
o Excellence – single-minded in pursuit of service, research and training empowered
by innovative technologies.

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